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  Total Uninstall Ultimate 6.14.0 Portable  

Total Uninstall Ultimate 6.14.0 Portable
Accurate analyzes installed programs to uninstall them completely. With "Installed Programs" module Total Uninstall analyzes the installed program and creates the installation log. This is used to do a complete uninstall even without the help of the provided built-in uninstaller. With "Monitored Programs" module it helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new program. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied built-in uninstaller, which can leave files or changes behind.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2084 )
Tarih 31 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.66 Portable  

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.66 Portable
Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the ultimate uninstaller for Windows. You can uninstall programs quickly and completely using its simple and intuitive interface. The Installation Monitor included in the program can watch all the actions that a program performs on your computer while it installs. Advanced Uninstaller PRO remembers these changes so later you can completely uninstall that program, making sure nothing is left behind. This tool can remove any program without a trace.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 1939 )
Tarih 29 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Passmark PerformanceTest 8.0.1047 Portable  

Passmark PerformanceTest 8.0.1047 Portable
Fast, easy to use, PC speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to other computers. Find out if your PC is performing at its best. Compare the performance of your machine to similar machines.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2217 )
Tarih 28 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  The KMPlayer Portable  

The KMPlayer Portable
One of the best media and DVD Front-End Player. KMPLAYER is a fine movie and audio player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, It has full VCD/DVD playback functionality. KMPlayer is a program that allows you to play any audio and video files. Built-in Codec/Filters. Video Codec: MPEG4 (Divx/Xvid : ffmpeg/xvid); MPEG1/2 (ffmpeg/libmpeg) etc (ffmpeg). Audio Codec: AC3/DTS/LPCM/MPG/MP3/OGG/AAC/WMA.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2809 )
Tarih 28 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  GoldWave 6.11 Portable  

GoldWave 6.11 Portable
GoldWave is a top rated, professional digital audio editor. It contains so many great features, you will be amazed by all the things it can do. Play, edit, mix, and analyze audio. Record audio from cassettes, vinyl records, radio, etc. through your computer's line-in. Record dictation through a microphone or play dictation back at a slower speed for transcription (with foot pedal control). Record and edit audio for podcasting or telephone systems. Apply special effects, such as fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse, flanger, and more. Digitally remaster and restore old recordings with noise reduction and pop/click filters. Make perfect digital copies of audio CD tracks using the CD Reader tool and save them in wav, wma, mp3, or ogg files.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2286 )
Tarih 28 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Movavi Video Converter 15.2.2 Portable  

Movavi Video Converter 15.2.2 Portable
Movavi Video Converter is a groundbreaking video format converter you can use to convert video & DVD files. Convert video. Rip video. Save in iPod, iPhone, PSP, PDA, cell phone formats. Do it all with this powerful video file converter. Movavi Video Converter - More Features, Easier to Use! Enjoy video converting with all the amazing features of our video converter software! Convert video & unprotected DVDs into any formats, including the latest ones. Rip videos and DVDs to watch them on any portable device: iPod, iPhone, PSP, PDA, Zune, Archos, BlackBerry, cell phones, and more. Convert video to and from HD formats without limitations! Specify quality level and file size of output video with a single click within your video converter software.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2064 )
Tarih 27 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  PhotoLine 19.0 Portable  

PhotoLine 19.0 Portable
Image Processing. 16 bit per channel, support of CMYK and Lab. Color management with ICC profiles. Lossless imaging. Process digital photos. Retouch, correct, ... Browse. IPTC and EXIF data handling. Rotate images lossless. Rename images and create catalogues. Create HTML galleries. Add and edit keywords. Powerful search capabilities. Layout/Text. "Real" PDF Import and Export (not just a big image). Multipage documents. Calendar and barcode creation. Rich text functions. Internet/Animations. Create Flash and GIF animations. Web Export. Tile images, create buttons and image maps. Many more. Batch conversion. Create slideshows. Record actions.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2285 )
Tarih 27 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  MediaInfo GUI 0.7.74 Portable  

MediaInfo GUI 0.7.74 Portable
What information can I get from MediaInfo? General: title, author, director, album, track number, date, duration. Video: codec, aspect, fps, bitrate. Audio: codec, sample rate, channels, language, bitrate. Text: language of subtitle Chapters: number of chapters, list of chapters. DivX, XviD, H263, H.263, H264, x264, ASP, AVC, iTunes, MPEG-1, MPEG1, MPEG-2, MPEG2, MPEG-4, MPEG4, MP4, M4A, M4V, QuickTime, RealVideo, RealAudio, RA, RM, MSMPEG4v1, MSMPEG4v2, MSMPEG4v3, VOB, DVD, WMA, VMW, ASF, 3GP, 3GPP, 3GP2.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2101 )
Tarih 27 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  AutoPlay Menu Builder 7.3.0 Build 2399 Portable  

AutoPlay Menu Builder 7.3.0 Build 2399 Portable
AutoPlay Menu Builder is one of the best tools for creating an automatic playing menu to launch your cd or dvd. No programming experience is necessary! Just click and drag your mouse a few times, and like magic you can build a menu which will pop up when your disc is inserted into the drive. From the menu you can launch applications, open documents, play movies, and do much, much more. This is the simple, elegant solution to your disc creation needs.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2215 )
Tarih 26 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Advanced System Optimizer 3.9.2727.16622 Portable  

Advanced System Optimizer 3.9.2727.16622 Portable
Advanced System Optimizer is the easiest and most comprehensive way to keep your PC running smooth and error free. It works with all version of Windows - XP and VISTA, Win 7. Make your computer faster & more stable in just few minutes. Cleans your hard disk files making your PC run better and faster without crashes! Registry Cleaner to clear invalid registry entries. Registry defragger to fine tune your Windows System Registry. Privacy Protector to clean internet history, cookies, cache, and any hidden tracks kept by Windows. System files backup and restore with single click.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2112 )
Tarih 26 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Ramazan ne zaman başlıyor  

Ramazan ne zaman başlıyor? İlk oruç ne zaman tutulacak?

2015 Ramazan ayı ne zaman başlıyor? 3 aylardan biri olan Ramazan'ın başlamasına çok az bir zaman kaldı. Peki ilk oruç ne zaman tutulacak? Tüm Müslümanlar için en önemli ay olan on bir ayın sultanı Ramazan'ın başlangıç tarihi ve merak ettikleriniz.

| Yazan trip | Gösterim( 2817 )
Tarih 25 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  jv16 PowerTools Portable  

jv16 PowerTools Portable
jv16 PowerTools 2010 is a complete Windows optimization and registry cleaning toolkit. The program allows users to remove hidden traces of previously uninstalled software, to clean the Windows registry for optimal performance and stability, and to fix many registry-based problems with a single mouse click. The highly improved multilingual user interface allows the software to be used in all major languages, while automatic backup and safety features make the program very safe to use. The new and improved jv16 PowerTools is an easy-to-use Windows optimization suite and registry cleaning toolkit containing 21 different tools which allow you to keep your computer running smoothly and error-free.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2049 )
Tarih 25 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  SpyHunter Portable  

SpyHunter Portable
SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System and designed to assist the average computer user in protecting their PC from malicious threats. SpyHunter is automatically configured to give you optimal protection with limited interaction

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2050 )
Tarih 25 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  VueScan Pro 9.5.11 Portable  

VueScan Pro 9.5.11 Portable
VueScan is inexpensive third party scanning software which supports many (if not almost all) current film scanners, and several flatbeds too. VueScan's major claim to fame is its simple and accurate color correction from color negatives. This is often difficult, and VueScan generally makes it easy. VueScan supports the scanner's special hardware, like batch scanning, auto-focus, any infrared channel for dust and scratch suppression, and multi-scan to reduce scanner noise in the dark areas of slides. VueScan can often multi-scan with scanners that do not support this, using multi-pass scans. VueScan can often retrieve the full bit depth of data from scanners that otherwise only output 24 bits.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2002 )
Tarih 25 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  AudioGrail Portable  

AudioGrail Portable
AudioGrail (Formerly K-MP3) is the swiss army knife for everthing that is related to audio files (MP3, MPC, OGG...). It can very easily rename and tag (tag: info such as artist name, album, track title) your files automatically. It can also analyse quality, organize files on your system, find duplicated files and improve your everydays audio experience!

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2018 )
Tarih 25 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  HTC Home Apis 3.0 Build 628 Final Portable  

HTC Home Apis 3.0 Build 628 Final Portable
HTC Home is an open-source Windows applet that displays a clock and weather forecast on your desktop. Despite the name, the program has nothing to do with HTC, the company; the author simply wanted to reproduce the time and weather applet on HTC Communicators. He's done a good job, though, and the display looks fabulous. It's large, packed with information (day, date, current temperature for your location, weather predictions for the next four days), and you even get animations appropriate to the current conditions. So on a grey day, for instance, you might have animated clouds passing in front of the clock display.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2006 )
Tarih 25 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Photodex ProShow Producer 7.0.3514 Portable  

Photodex ProShow Producer 7.0.3514 Portable
Create Professional Slide Shows. Blend your photography with music and videos to produce impressive multimedia slide shows. Great for promoting your business, proofing images for clients or wowing any audience. Maximum Creative Control. Using Producer's advanced features, like Masking and Keyframing, you can easily create impressive effects in your slide shows. Increased Productivity. Manage difficult deadlines. Productivity-boosters like show templates and settings-copying cut production time. Superior Output Capabilities. Output to over 40 different formats, including DVD, Blu-ray, CD, EXE, Flash, HD Video, and more! You can even upload shows directly to YouTube and output to 20 different devices including the iPod and Blackberry.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2142 )
Tarih 22 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  AVG PC Tuneup Pro 15.0.1001.518 Portable  

AVG PC Tuneup Pro 15.0.1001.518 Portable
AVG PC Tuneup is a computer maintenance and optimization tool that you can install together with AVG. This standalone application analyzes and fixes different issues that might occur on your computer, speeding up the system and making it more secure. System Advisor helps you secure your PC - it will give you advice on application and system settings. Resource Usage shows how your computer is being used. You can view details for each of the categories. Under Advanced Tools, various tweak tools are available to quickly optimize the corresponding areas.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2308 )
Tarih 22 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Illustrate dBpoweramp Music Converter Ref 15.3 Portable  

Illustrate dBpoweramp Music Converter Ref 15.3 Portable
dBpoweramp Music Converter is 'the standard' tool for audio conversions, with over 20 million users: huge range of audio codecs supported: mp3, mp4, m4a (AAC, iTunes & iPod), Windows Media Audio (wma), Ogg Vorbis and FLAC; preservation of ID Tags and Album Artwork, correct mapping of ID Tags between tag types (where possible); multi-CPU encoding support; easy folder & drive selection with Batch Converter, DSP effect support (ReplayGain, Volume Normalize, including DirectX and VST effects); pro-orientated codecs: BWF Wave, Dalet, mp2. Windows Explorer integration: audio info tips & columns

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 1886 )
Tarih 22 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Skype Portable  

Skype Portable
We all love something for nothing. With Skype’s software – by the way, it works seamlessly with your internet connection – you can chat away with free Skype-to-Skype calls and never worry about cost, time or distance. Share the love and get your friends to download Skype so you can talk, chat or make video calls for nothing. You can also make local, long distance and international calls to phones and mobiles at great rates too. Better than a phone? Yep, you betcha! Skype isn’t just about free Skype-to-Skype calls and nice, cheap local, national and international calls to phones and mobiles. You can also do much, much more.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2167 )
Tarih 22 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |
  Maxthon Final Portable  

Maxthon Final Portable
The Ultimate Out-of-box Experience! Easy to use and powerful straight out of the box. Created by people thinking out of the box to come up with new ways to use the Internet. So out of the box, there's no box! Download now for free, forever! More than 100 million other smart Web users have. Maxthon Works the Way You Want It To. Swap, add, move, remove, and change Maxthon's tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts until it looks the way you would have designed it. Don't like menus? Use hot keys. Don't like hot keys? Use word aliases. Don't like aliases? Use toolbars. Don't like toolbars? Then use mouse gestures. It's all up to you.

| Yazan fredy4518 | Gösterim( 2292 )
Tarih 22 May 2015 | Yorumlar (0) |

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